Retrieve and interact with system notifications programatically.


Gets information on system information like notifications, status codes, and metrics :param api: api authentication using the Alooma package

Get Status Codes


Gets the possible status codes from Alooma

Returns:A dictionary with status codes and their descriptions

Status Code Info

System.status_code_info(print_format='table', table_limit=None, pprint_indent=2, pprint_width=20, pprint_depth=5)

Prints the status codes that Alooma may return from with the event info

  • print_format – string ‘table’ to print event info as tables or ‘json’ to print as dictionaries
  • table_limit – A limit to the columns to print
  • pprint_indent – The indent value to pprint dictionaries
  • pprint_width – The width value to pprint dictionaries
  • pprint_depth – The depth value to pprint dictionaries

A dictionary with the status codes and their descriptions

System Metric Info

System.system_metric_info(metric_type_names=None, last_n_minutes=60)

Gets the system metrics and prints a dataframe with the results

  • metric_type_names – string or list A list of systems metrics or a single metric name.
  • last_n_minutes – The length of time in minutes counting back from the current time to retrieve notifications for

A dataframe with the inforamtion