Each event equates to a mapping between a dictionary and a single target table in the data warehouse. This class retrieves lists of events and information about events.


Gets information from Alooma on events and prints detailed information about events.

Parameters:api – api authentication using the Alooma package

Get All Events


Gets the information for all events from Alooma

Returns:A list of dictionaries with information for each event

View Events

Events.view_events(single_input=None, single_event=None, print_format='table', table_limit=None, pprint_indent=2, pprint_width=250, pprint_depth=5)

Prints a data from with the event info

  • single_input – The name of a specific input to filter the results
  • single_event – The name of a specific event to filter the results
  • print_format – Specify ‘table’ to print event info as tables or ‘json’ to print as dictionaries
  • table_limit – Limit the number of events printed in the dataframe
  • pprint_indent – The indent value to pprint dictionaries
  • pprint_width – The width value to pprint dictionaries
  • pprint_depth – The depth value to pprint dictionaries

The event data in the print_format of a dataframe or a list of dictionaries

List Events

Events.list_events(input_labels='all', print_lst=False, add_quotes_commas=False)

Prints and/or returns a list of event names

  • input – string ‘all’ for all events or specify an input label for a specific events
  • print_lst – boolean True to print the list to the console
  • add_quotes_commas – boolean True to print the list to the console with single quotes around strings and commas after each item

list of events by name

Delete Event


Deletes an event from the mapper and prints the event_name and API response

Parameters:event_name – The name of the event to delete